The Bias Inside Us

Bias — (bý•as) (psychology) — a preference or prejudice.

The Bias Inside Us

Exhibition dates: July 10 - August 8, 2021

Explore the science and consequences of implicit bias - and learn how to challenge bias in the world through awareness of your own biases - in this mini traveling exhibition* from The Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES).

Through compelling images, hands-on interactives and powerful testimonials and videos, The Bias Inside Us unpacks and demystifies the concept of bias.

Visitors will explore the foundational blocks of bias, the psychology of how it forms and how it influences behaviors both consciously and unconsciously. Interactive elements display how implicit and explicit bias show up in the world and how bias influences systems and policies that have consequences for many people and communities.

The Science Center of Iowa is the fourth stop on the exhibition's four-year, 40-city tour.

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*Note: "Mini traveling exhibitions" at SCI maybe smaller in size, but they are big in discoveries and experiences!

The Bias Inside Us is organized by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.
Major support is provided by The Otto Bremer Trust.

Additional support provided by Acton Family Giving, Anonymous donors, The Beverly Foundation, Steve and Sheri Lear, Target, the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation, Thomson Reuters, Allianz of America, Valerie E. and William A. Anders, Julie and David Burton, the Dreier Family, Lennart Ehn and Ginger Lew, Expedia, Trevor and Melissa Fetter, the Roger S. Firestone Foundation, Brenda J. Gaines, Myra Hart and Kent Hewitt, Charlie and Nancy Hogan, Dr. Christine C. Jenkins and Mr. Pierre A. France, KNOCK, inc., Sarah Lawer and Frank Guanco, Kathleen Mason, Elyse Rabinowitz and Jim Porter, Dr. Philip S. and Alice Hoolihan Randall, Gloria del C. Rodriguez, the Family of Leona Roen, and Naoma Tate.

Based on an original concept developed by Tolerance in Motion: Steve Lear, Laura Zelle, and Elyse Rabinowitz, founders; Ellen Glatstein, Laura Lipshutz, Alice Randall, Joanne Jones-Rizzi, and Susan Shapiro, directors; Don Shelby, founding advisor; and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, Steve Hunegs, executive director.

Local Exhibition Support Sponsor: United Way of Central Iowa

What can we do about bias? A lot.

SCI strives to present our audiences with new ideas and research that stretch their ways of thinking and encourage thoughtful discourse.

With this provocative exhibition, which focuses on bias through the lens of science, history and culture, we hope to spark important conversation regarding implicit bias in the United States and within our own communities.

Iowa has a history of being forward-thinking and a welcoming place for all – but as humans, it is natural for our brains to develop biases based on the environments around us, and when biases are left unchecked, they can have serious consequences – becoming entrenched in our systems and our patterns of life.

As our country grapples with issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, it is critically important that science help lead the way to new understanding and solutions. With this exhibition, we aim to create a safe space for meaningful conversation about these complex issues and facilitate an informed discussion on this timely topic.