Heart Explorers Exhibition set to open January 11, 2024

  • Wednesday January 10, 2024

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the nation and in Iowa, and the current state of heart health in Iowa indicates a need for investing in heart disease prevention strategies in our youth. In conjunction with the Iowa Heart Foundation, the Science Center of Iowa (SCI) is hosting the Heart Explorers exhibit, opening January 11, 2024.

The Heart Explorers exhibit will educate visitors about how the heart functions and how lifestyle choices impact their future health outcomes. This exhibit, including MEGA heart, an interactive, walk-through exhibit that stretches 26 feet long, 13 feet tall and 15 feet wide, will educate visitors on the risk factors of heart disease, how their lifestyle choices impact their risk, and will provide participants with tools and resources to build healthy habits. Visitors of all ages will have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to pump a heart, listen to different heart beats and even test your heart rate.

“Our heart is a fascinating organ,’” said Curt Simmons, SCI President & CEO. “We can feel it pumping away, but most don’t really comprehend what’s going on. The ultimate goal of this exhibit is to educate youth about what their heart is and how it functions. Healthy youth have the potential to become healthy adults. Research also shows that children and youth can be advocates within their family and household setting.”

Visitors to Heart Explorers, and specifically the MEGA heart component, will enter the giant exhibit through the largest artery that leaves the heart. Along the way, they will learn about this very important muscle, observe examples of heart disease, America’s number one killer, and interact with displays explaining some of the latest medical treatments for heart problems.

“The current state of heart health in Iowa indicates a need for investing in heart disease prevention strategies in our youth,” Iowa Heart Foundation Executive Director Lezlie Mestdagh said. “The Iowa Heart Foundation continues to expand its pediatric heart disease prevention efforts and have strategically chosen SCI as a community collaborator to reach more Iowa youth and their families.”

Special programming, activities and workshops have designed around Heart Explorers, opening January 11, 2024 for a limited engagement through March 3, 2024. SCI is currently open Thursdays through Sundays, and visitors are encouraged to purchase advance discounted tickets online at www.sciowa.org.   

About Iowa Heart Foundation
Iowa Heart Foundation is committed to improving heart health education and dedicated to the prevention of heart disease. For over 30 years, our nonprofit has contributed to clinician and community education by providing access to emerging information on cardiovascular health, supporting the training of healthcare professionals, providing access to automated external defibrillators (AED), and facilitating community outreach on living a heart healthy life. For more information, visit www.iowaheartfoundation.org or follow us on Facebook or Instagram. 

About the Science Center of Iowa

The Science Center of Iowa engages and inspires Iowans along their journey of lifelong science learning. The 110,000-sq. ft. facility located in Downtown Des Moines features dynamic experience platforms, large format theaters and daily interactive science demonstrations, including the NAEYC-accredited SCI Preschool. The Science Center of Iowa also provides educational outreach programs across the state of Iowa. For more information, visit www.sciowa.org