Public Learning Resources

Explore SCI before and after you visit with these fun resources for learners of all ages!

  • Experience SCI at Home

    • Dinosaurs Alive! (IMAX Film)

      See the earliest creatures of the Triassic Period to the monsters of the Cretaceous in larger-than-life IMAX®. Join renowned paleontologists as they discover new fossils and uncover evidence that dinosaur descendants are still among us. Realistic and scientifically accurate computer generated animation brings dinosaurs back to life… in a big way!

    • Dream Big: Engineering Our World (IMAX Film)

      From the Great Wall of China and the world’s tallest buildings to underwater robots, solar cars and smart, sustainable cities, Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small and shows how engineers push the limits of innovation in unexpected and amazing ways.

      Dream Big is more than just a film... it's an entire education program! The film transforms students' understanding of the "E" in STEM, and the Educator Guide features 12 lesson plans for Grades K-12 that align with Next Generation Science Standards. View educator trailer

    • Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity (Planetarium Program)

      Grades 7 through 12 learn the science behind the dark in this planetarium show all about black holes.

    • The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather (Planetarium Program)

      Your favorite TV aliens star in The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather, showing daily in SCI's Star Theater planetarium.

      Educator resources are designed for Pre-K through Grade 2 classrooms learning about interplanetary weather.

    • Kitchen Chemistry

      Make everything from slime to bubbles with these fun experiments you can do in your own kitchen!

    • Astronomy at Home

      Here is a helpful way to explore the night sky from your own backyard. View monthly sky maps from www.skymaps.com.

      Experience "Iowa Skies Tonight" in SCI's iconic Star Theater planetarium! View video.

    • In the Kitchen

      If you enjoy pretend cooking in the Small Discoveries market and kitchen, you'll love these fresh and healthy Fareway recipes you can make at home!

    • DNA Extraction

      Learn how to extract DNA from peas!