Points of Interest

Points of Interest

The SCI experience isn’t limited to just our exhibits… Bring learning to life at interactive displays and mini-exhibits both inside and outside the building!


  • LEGO SCI Model

    This scale replica of the Science Center of Iowa is made from 75,000 LEGOs, an example of ingenuity and engineering in action! The builders examined blueprints and used computer aided drafting to sketch the building before they even started constructing it.

  • The Essential Element is You

    Discover the scientific properties of every element with this giant periodic table! Use our interactive touchscreen to see the atomic structure of each element and learn about its practical uses on Earth.

    SCI's periodic table recognizes our annual donors. To have your name added to the exhibit, donate to our mission! Contact SCI's Development Team at development@sciowa.org or 515-274-6868 ext. 233.

  • Feisal Sayeed Sculpture

    This eye-catching, ethereal sculpture by David Dahlquist honors the late Feisal Sayeed, a prominent member of SCI’s Board of Directors.

  • SCI Parking Ramp

    SCI’s parking ramp offers three floors of parking space year-round. Parking costs $3 for the first hour and $1 for every additional hour.

    Located across the street from SCI at the corner of 4th Street and Market.

  • Foucault Pendulum

    One of SCI's most iconic and beloved experiences, the Foucault Pendulum is a 235-pound, 17-inch brass ball demonstrating the rotation of the earth, which previously hung for more than 30 years in the Science Center of Iowa's former location in Greenwood-Ashworth Park.

  • The Question Mark

    The Science Center of Iowa strives to inspire curiosity and encourages questioning in visitors of all ages. To represent this integral part of SCI's mission, artists Mags Harries and Lajos Heder of Cambridge, Massachusetts, sculpted a giant question mark made of a grass-covered berm on the lawn outside SCI.

  • Recycling Mini-Exhibit

    How many gallons of bottled water do humans drink each year on average? Find out with this mini-exhibit that stretches all the way to the ceiling.

  • Movement in C Tharp

    This kinetic sculpture by Steve Gerberich blends the worlds of art and science.

  • A-ha! Store

    SCI's A-ha! Store has a great collection of fascinating finds and gizmos galore!