SCI celebrates 15th downtown birthday and launches #SCI50th memory campaign

SCI celebrates 15th downtown birthday and launches #SCI50th memory campaign

  • Friday May 15, 2020

The Science Center of Iowa (SCI) is commemorating two big major milestones this year: On May 14, SCI marked 15 years in its downtown Des Moines location, and later this year, the nonprofit organization focused on inspiring science learnings for Iowans will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

In preparation for the 50th anniversary in October, SCI is asking the community to submit photos and memories of the last 50 years.

"Over the past 50 years, we have seen generations of Iowans experience 'a-ha!' moments together, and we have literally watched the community grow around us," said Curt Simmons, SCI president and CEO. "We know there are some great stories out there, and we want to hear them!"

Memories from either the original building in Greenwood-Ashworth Park or the downtown Des Moines location might include:

  • Visits with friends and family
  • Camp experiences
  • Traveling exhibits
  • Attending the SCI Preschool
  • School visits
  • Community outreach
  • And more!

Photos and memories can be submitted to the #SCI50th Memory Vault at www.sciowa.org/sci50th

Learn more about the history of the Science Center of Iowa, established in 1970 and originally named the Des Moines Center of Science and Industry, at www.sciowa.org/history

About the Science Center of Iowa

The Science Center of Iowa engages and inspires Iowans along their journey of lifelong science learning. The 110,000-sq. ft. facility located in Downtown Des Moines features dynamic experience platforms, large format theaters and daily interactive science demonstrations, including the NAEYC-accredited SCI Preschool. The Science Center of Iowa also provides educational outreach programs across the state of Iowa. For more information, visit www.sciowa.org