Summer Library Program

Bring SCI to your library this summer!

Each summer, Science @ Your Site takes science on the road with programming tied to the Iowa Library Services' summer reading program.

2018 SCI Summer Library Program: Global Soundscapes!

What do vibrations look like in slow motion? How do animals use sound to survive? What do sounds tell us about the health of our planet? Join the Science Center of Iowa to meet a team of soundscape ecologists and hear the Earth in a whole new way!

Contact the SCI Education Team at 515-274-6868 ext. 244 to book a program.

Already booked your program?
If you've already scheduled your Science @ Your Site visit, please use these materials to spread the word in your community.

Printable posters:

  • 8.5x11 poster — COMING SOON
  • 8.5x11 poster (b/w) — COMING SOON



Press release:

  • Press release — COMING SPRING 2018 — Update the highlighted areas and send this to your local newspaper to announce the upcoming Building Blunders program at your site!