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  • Yoga Instructor Spotlight: Teri Lynn Reese

    We are excited to host Instructor Teri Lynn Reese for Yoga Under the Stars.

    Teri Lynn Reese started teaching yoga in 2005 while living on Amelia Island, FL. Her multi-level classes combine her Kripalu-style training with a vinyasa flow practice. Teri Lynn currently teaches classes at the YMCA and for various events throughout the community. She loves spending time with her family enjoying the great outdoors.

    Learn more about Yoga Under the Stars and register here: www.sciowa.org/yoga

  • Yoga Under the Stars Instructors

    We are excited to welcome these amazing yoga instructors for 2019-2020 season of Yoga Under the Stars. All of our instructors are licensed and experienced, but each instructor brings their own unique style and blend of practices to the sessions they teach.

    Teri Lynn Reese

    Teri's multi-level classes combine her Kripalu-style training with a vinyasa flow practice. Learn more about Teri here.

    Bethany Grabe

    Bethany's classes bring together asana, pranayama, mudra and mindfulness. Learn more about Bethany here.

    Rachel Lippincott

    Rachel incorporates breath and meditation, along with asana practice, to create a gentle and mindful class. Learn more about Rachel here.

    Jolene Debruijn

    Jolene offers a Hatha Yoga Flow class with a playful mix of Slow Flow Vinyasa and 'traditional' yoga. Learn more about Jolene here.

    Linsey Birusingh

    Lindsey's classes will challenge you to tap into your potential and push yourself to your limits – without punishing yourself! Learn more about Lindsey here.

    Meredith Causton

    Meredith teaches hatha flow, yin yoga and meditation, combining the three practices into a class that will leave you feeling balanced, realigned and equanimous. Learn more about Meredith here.

    Hortencia Gonzalez

    Hortencia teaches Vinyasa style classes, and her unique sequences will allow you to feel like you are in a moving meditation. Learn more about Hortencia here.